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The most scrumptious cake flavours are available at Sweet Bliss Bakes Cake Design in Yeovil, Somerset

If you don’t see the flavour combination you love just ask…

Wedding Cake Flavours
Sponge Cake: –

 Vanilla and Strawberry– Madagascan vanilla sponge drizzled with vanilla syrup and layered with wild strawberry conserve and light vanilla buttercream;
 Raspberry Rose – Delicate rose sponge drizzled with rose syrup and layered with raspberry conserve and fresh raspberry buttercream;
 Lemon and Raspberry – Zesty lemon sponge drizzled with lemon syrup and layered with fresh raspberry buttercream;
 Elderflower and Mixed Berries – Delicate elderflower sponge drizzled with elderflower syrup and layered with mixed berry conserve and light elderflower buttercream;
 Pink Champagne and Strawberry – Pink coloured sponge infused with champagne, drizzled with a champagne syrup and layered with fresh strawberry buttercream;
 Passionfruit and White Chocolate – Light sponge infused with passionfruit, drizzled with passionfruit syrup and layered with organic white chocolate buttercream;
 Double Chocolate – Rich chocolate sponge layered with real organic chocolate buttercream;
 Red Velvet – Red coloured, light chocolate sponge layered with Madagascan vanilla and cream cheese flavour buttercream;
 Cappuccino – Light coffee sponge with a hint of chocolate and layered with organic white chocolate buttercream;
 Cherry Bakewell – Delicate almond sponge, layered with Morello cherry conserve and a light almond buttercream;
 Salted Caramel – Light caramel sponge drizzled with salted caramel syrup and layered with salted caramel buttercream.

Rich Fruit Cake – Packed with seven types of fruit to give a moist, fruity cake. Covered with natural marzipan and then covered with a Royal Icing or Fondant finish. (Contains nuts and alcohol)
Carrot Cake – A moist and tasty cake with fresh organic carrots. Choose added orange zest, and an orange cream cheese flavour buttercream to cover; or added pecan nuts and a salted caramel buttercream to cover

Celebration cakes are finished with buttercream and fondant before decorating or can be finished with buttercream.

Wedding cakes are finished with chocolate ganache and fondant before decorating or can be finished in buttercream. Rich fruit cakes are finished with marzipan and can be royal iced or covered with fondant.

I can provide special recipe cakes on request. If you have any special
dietary requirements I will do my best to meet your needs.
There will be no extra charge for special diet cakes.
Please Note: I cannot guarantee that my cakes will be allergen free.
I source the finest quality ingredients for your cake as I believe that a cake should taste scrumptious as well as look beautiful. I use finest organic flour, organic milk, fresh free range eggs and tasty farmhouse butter, Madagascan vanilla extract, scrumptious finest quality conserves, and added fruits, flowers or veg are organic.

Please contact me for more information.

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